Despite the challenges that 2020 presented, the PCA Chicago Region hosted four rallyes.  During some trying times, our Rallyemasters stepped up and created fun and exciting routes.  Rallyemasters Sharon Gregor and Steve Olson had us winding through the roads of the far Western Suburbs while Rallyemasters Jacks Franks and Megan Nogasky had us navigating the hilly roads of the Cherry Valley region.   Rallyemasters Susan Shire and Steve Rashbaum guided us through the fall foliage of the Northern Suburbs.  

The region held its first gimmick rallye in several years with Jack Franks and Megan Nogasky taking on a second challenge of designing this fun filled rallye.  Held a week prior to Halloween, rallye teams were encouraged to dress in 80’s themed costumes as they navigated through locations of 80’s movies such as the Home Alone house and the famous Ferris Bueller garage, while looking to identify various landmarks included in the route instructions.

We wish to extend a thank you to our Rallyemasters for their dedication to creating a rallye and to everyone who volunteered throughout the season.   Without you, we would not have had our season.

Since 2020 was not a competitive year, it gave us the opportunity to try out new technology.  The introduction of the Richta Rally App offered a new way to rallye.  The Richta App allows Rallyemasters to design a rallye route without the use of physical checkpoints.   The app allows for checkpoints to be programmed using GPS coordinates which give instant feedback to teams on their arrival time versus the official rallye time.  This allows teams to instantly adjust their speed to compensate for arriving at the checkpoint too early or too late.

The Richta app simplifies work for Rallyemasters, as they no longer need to route the rallye to spaces that are large enough to safely accommodate checkpoint workers and cars stopping to obtain their checkpoint slips.  Nor do they have to prepare instructions for checkpoint workers on how to get to their checkpoint location or ensure that a checkpoint team working one checkpoint has enough time to get to their next assigned checkpoint.  The app eliminates the need for checkpoint workers and allows a checkpoint can be placed anywhere along the route.   

Rallyemasters using the Richta App also found designing the rallye to be simpler and quicker.  Because use of the app was new, Rallyemasters did not incorporate navigational traps into their route instructions, but rather provided straightforward instructions that focused on the speed component of the competition.  This proved to be more difficult for some teams than traditional navigational traps. 

As we take a glimpse into the 2021 season, we have five rallyes scheduled.   As our society returns to normal, albeit it be a new normal, we look forward to seeing veteran teams and invite new teams to join the fun.  To alleviate concerns for health and safety, our 2021 Rallyemasters to design rallyes using the Richta App.    

If you are new to rallying, we have you covered – the Rallye School on May 2, 2021 at Midwest Performance Cars in Northbrook will introduce you to all the concepts of rallying.  Check-in will begin at 9:00 AM following by classroom instruction at 9:30 AM.   We will set out for our practice rally which will allow you to use what you learned to navigate a rallye route at noon.

Our rallye schedule for 2021 includes:

  • Rallye #1 – May 16, 2021 – Rallyemasters needed
  • Rallye #2 – June 27, 2021 – Niki & Stan Sangdahl
  • Rallye #3 – August 1, 2021 – Jack Franks & Megan Nogasky
  • Rallye #4 – September 19, 2021 – Karen & Jack Stephensen
  • Rallye #5 – October 10, 2021 – Steve Rashbaum & Susan Shire

Our last rallye of the season may be an overnight two-part rallye driving into southern Wisconsin.  Additional information regarding each rallye will be available on

and well as via email. 

We are seeking one Rallyemaster team to complete our 2021 schedule.  If you are interested in being a rallyemaster, please email  If you’ve participated in rallyes and have an interest in being a first time rallyemaster, we can partner you with experienced rallye mentors who will provide guidance and advice as you design your first rallye. 

As we prepare for the rallye season, we look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.  Join us!