by Ed Leed, Permanent Numbers Coordinator

As you prepare for the upcoming autocross and drivers education season, you may decide to get a permanent number for your Porsche. Since we have banned shoe polish numbers because they are virtually unreadable by timing, scoring and corner workers, you have the choice of vinyl adhesive numbers, static cling numbers, magnetic numbers, painted numbers, or tape.

Painted numbers seem to have a rather serious commitment attached to them that many Porsche owners are fearful of making, so that leaves the others. Porsche owners who are afraid to attract attention (what?) may want to remove their numbers after an event. Magnetic, vinyl adhesive, static cling, and painter’s tape numbers may be the answer.

Static cling numbers have a habit of blowing off at the speeds that are really fun, so now we are left with magnetic, vinyl adhesive, or tape numbers. Any of these choices has their positive and negative features.

Magnetic numbers are the ultimate in flexibility, but can cause microscopic scratches and occasionally may blow off. Magnetic numbers must also be taped down for DE events so they do not move around and cause scratches.

Vinyl numbers won’t blow off and can be removed after an event. They, nevertheless, are expensive mistakes if you tear them when you take them off.

Numbers made from contact paper or simply using painter’s tape are cheap alternatives, by the way. So now you know which media are available. The list below will tell you which numbers are available.


Let me know your First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth choices for your three digit car number. The cool, easy numbers like 911, 333 or 777 are not available.

If you have an emotional attachment to a number that is available let me know. For example, your child’s birthday, or better yet, your grandmother’s dirt track number.

If your favorite number is not on the list, forget it. It’s taken.

As for two digit numbers, forget it. They’re taken. Have been for years. To earn a two digit number you must have performed superhuman feats of dedicated servitude to the Chicago Region which would have made your significant other wonder if you still loved them. Contact me if you think you qualify. Check with your significant other first, though.

Send me your five number choices in order of preference; the year and model of your Porsche; and the PCA region in which you are a member by clicking here and filling out the form.

I will review your request and assign your permanent number to you if one of your selections is available.

Available numbers as of February 25, 2021.
 266367454548684 763832870
 270368455549685 765834871
 274370456552687 769835872
 278372462553690 774836873
 283374463560691 775837874
 284376465560692 776839875
 285378467561693 778840876
 290380468562694 779841878
 296381472565698 781842879
  383473566  782843883
  384478567  783844884
  386479568  784845890
  387481569  785846892
  389482571  786 893
  392483573  790 894
  393485574  791 895
  397486576  792 896
  399487578  793 897
   488583  794 897
   489584  798 898

Numbers 600-655 are temporary numbers

600 to 655 are Reserved for Temporary Use For Entrants Who Do Not Have A Permanent Number At Autocross & DE Events. These Numbers Are Not Assigned As Permanent Numbers.