A new club is being formed in the United States and should be most welcome to a good percentage of the sports car population at any rate. Bill Sholar of Alexandria, Virginia, has let us know that a group has banded together to petition the factory for the formation of an official branch of the Porsche Owners Club. The parent organization publishes a wonderful little book (about Porsches) that makes even a veteran TC owner jealous. Any inquiries to Bill, please.

July 1955: A notice in the monthly Sports Car Illustrated

July 20, 1955
TO Mr. Bill Sholar
Alexandria, VA

Dear Bill,
Just noticed in the August, 1955 issue of “Sports Cars Illustrated” that you
are planning the formation of an official branch of the Porsche Owners Club 
and I am extremely interested since I own a 1955 Porsche Coupe.

I would appreciate any information you may have on this issue. Also,
where can I obtain the wonderful little book about Porsches which is also
mentioned in the article referred to? Thanks much.

Gene Bussian
(future PCA Charter member and one of the founding members of the Chicago Region)

1957 found Winter and nineteen sports car clubs in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. Most Porsche owners belonged to one or more of these clubs but, club member or not, they had a common problem; lack of available parts and a poor service situation. As a result, some Porsche owners congregated frequently to weep, moan, and swap maintenance tips, while enjoying their drinks.

In the Spring, a few owners made contact with PCA and when news of the 2nd Parade was received, several owners decided to take the trip to Washington: Don Wester, Cal and Linnea Davidson, Paul Fontaine, Don and Lucile Comunale, Bud and Simone Blake, and Jerry Tannenbaum from Milwaukee. At the Parade people, places and PCA spirit boosted the morale of the Chicagoans and sport, social and technical sessions increased their enthusiasm.

Sympathetic ears and an eye-opening ride with Herr Dramm plus a gymkhana with Art Bunker’s instruction sent them home confirmed PCA’ers. Back home they were still confronted with the parts-service problem.

National suggested that they start a local region.

Jim Abbott, Cal Davidson, Gene Bussian, Don Comunale and Bud Blake organized a meeting to determine whether the Porsche owners in the Midwest would be interested in a regional club and it was decided to combine the Chicago-Milwaukee area for more strength during the first year.

August, 6, 1957
TO Mr. Bill Scholar
Porsche Club of America
Alexandria, Virginia

Dear Bill,
The area between Milwaukee and Chicago is loaded with Porsche
owners and really should organize into a group
If possible, please send me (or have someone send me) a list
of P.C.A.’rs now residing in Northern Illinois and Southern

It’s been a long time since I have written you. I am now on my
4th Porsche, a 16oo Super Coupe. This one is a dandy and has
finished in first place the few times I have raced it. It was very
nice meeting you personally in Sebring, and although I am
forced to miss this year’s Porsche Parade - I am looking forward
to seeing you again soon.

Sincerely yours,
Gene Bussian

Through Bill Sholar they obtained a film, application blanks, copies of Panorama and Christophorus for the meeting. Thirty-four Porsches and twice as many enthusiasts gave their unanimous support to the forming of the region and elected temporary officers.

Soon after, the Charter was prepared and signed by Abbott, Davidson, Bussian, Blake, Ash, Cameron, Templeman, Tannenbaum, Wester and Chininis.

Program Chairman, Gene Bussian, organized our FIRST RALLYE which started from Chicago and Milwaukee simultaneously.

And so it began…

Bruce Janecek, Chicago Region Historian in 2007 put together a series of articles for The Chicago Scene as part of the Club’s 50th anniversary that detailed the beginnings of our club. These have been extracted from those issues, combined and presented below.