A short and pleasant drive

January 26, 2022

A short drive along the Skokie Lagoons. Maybe you just need a break from the I-94, or want to combine this with a lakefront drive along Sheridan road, either north or south. Bring a bike and enjoy the trails. Rent a canoe on Tower Road or go just north to the nearby Chicago Botanic Gardens

Drive 3 mi, about 5 minutes.

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The route information is effective the date above and may be outdated. You should review the route for accuracy before taking the drive. The route is for the private purpose of the reader and driving the route does not make it a PCA sanctioned event and PCA insurance is not in effect during your drive.

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Map Point A

Start of mapped route

Willow Rd & Forest Way, New Trier Township, IL 60093, USA

Head north on N Forest Way

0.611 mi

Continue onto Forestway Dr

2.31 mi to

Map Point B

1015 Forestway Dr, Glencoe, IL 60022, USA

End of mapped route