A scenic drive in the western part of the state

January 23, 2022

A nice drive, with lots of trees and hills, from Mount Carroll to Elizabeth, IL where you can stop at Cajun Jack’s Bar & Grill for some food before deciding where to go next. You can continue on up US-20 to Galena, or back track to Albrecht Rd, and turn right onto S Derinda Road, which becomes Scenic Ridge Road, and follow it south into Savanna. Hard to go wrong either direction.

Drive 26 mi, about 33 minutes.

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The route information is effective the date above and may be outdated. You should review the route for accuracy before taking the drive. The route is for the private purpose of the reader and driving the route does not make it a PCA sanctioned event and PCA insurance is not in effect during your drive.

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Map Point A

Beginning of mapped route, near 1021 S Clay St, Mt Carroll, IL 61053, USA

Head north on IL-78 N/Clay St Continue to follow IL-78 N

2.85 mi

Turn left onto Elizabeth Rd

6.86 mi

Turn right onto Zion Rd

1,040 ft

Continue onto Elizabeth Rd

1.26 mi

Continue onto S Massbach Rd

3.64 mi

Turn left onto E Albrecht Rd

0.279 mi

Turn right onto S Derinda Rd

7.73 mi

Turn left onto US-20 W

3.08 mi

Map Point B

Cajun Jack’s Bar & Grill

1336 US Hwy 20W, Elizabeth, IL 61028, USA

End of Mapped Route