Sunday, May 6, 2018

Perfect Power
1009 Commerce Court
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

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What do all these Rallye terms mean? If you are thinking about trying a Rallye this year, this is the event to attend. Learn the Rallye basics or brush up on your skills for the upcoming season and Porsche Parade. Porsches are not required but if it’s a nice day it’s always more fun in a Porsche! This is an opportunity to drive your car in a non-track situation with Porsche friends.

There will be a 2 hour class session followed by a short beginner’s Rallye to reinforce the class lessons. Plan to meet at the Rallye end point for some food and drinks and the opportunity to ask questions of other Rallye folks. A partner is required to participate in the Rallye portion of the school. No partner? Come to the school and we’ll try to pair you up.