Charity and fundraising are not specific or isolated events or activities in the Chicago Region; they are integral to all of our events.  At the start of each year, a charity for the year is selected from not-for-profit organizations nominated by members.  Each nominating member and their charity has an opportunity to present to the Board details of their organization, the impact that a relationship with the Region will provide, and how they will work with the Region to ensure the success of the fund raising efforts.  After each organization has had an opportunity to present, the Board selects the charity that it feels is the best fit for the Region.

Factors that are considered for selection are:

  • Is the nominee’s focus on serving those in the Chicago Region area, and is the nominee a “local” organization?
  • Does the nominee’s mission emphasize children or youth?
  • Will our contribution be a “meaningful amount” to the charity?  There are many excellent charities whose noble work is undeniable, but the Club prefers that its contributions make a difference to the organization.
  • Does the organization have the correct tax status, legal registration, documentation, etc.?

The Charity selected for 2020 is Automotive Mentoring Group (AMG). 

Automotive Mentoring Group

Alex Levesque’s Automotive Mentoring Group is a non – profit organization, teaching at risk young women and men the art of automobile restoration.  AMG educates these young people by providing training to earn their GED and then on to various community colleges in the Chicagoland area. Alex is connected to 82 businesses in the area that are eager to hire his graduates that have learned a skilled trade that is currently in demand.  AMG is currently restoring a 944 for his students to drive and demonstrate their restoration skills.  They are looking for a pair of 944Turbo front fenders.  If you know where they can find them, let me know or contact them directly.  They will show their restorations at various Chicago Region events throughout the year.

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