Our Chili and Editable art contest was held, as usual, at The Porsche Exchange and was a huge success. More than 200 folks turned out on a beautiful Sunday in late February.

This year’s event included a car appearance clinic put on by our Concours team, a presentation on ceramic car coatings by the Porsche Exchange, and the introduction of The Porsche Exchange’s entry for the 2024 Porsche Classic Restoration Competition.

This year’s winners were:

  • Meatiest
    • Rob Kleckauskas
    • Barb Mashburn
    • Mike Brown
  • Beaniest
    • Alex Block
    • Barb Mashburn
    • Dave Richter
  • Non-traditional
    • Barb Mashburn
    • Bob Rath
    • Howard Kaplan
  • Porsche – themed edible art
    • David Hulata
    • Shannon Castis
    • Emily Mullen

Here are more photos from the event: